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    To learn more about Feng Shui, in an entertaining and easy to follow format, to help you reach your goals, just click on Order Book then on Instant Feng Shui.

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    To read an Empowering and Inspiring Fable just click on Order Book then on Welcome to Prosperity.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Human Options to help Abused Women and Children change their lives for the better.

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    Welcome to  Prosperity

             A book is a Great Anytime Gift!

    Feng Shui, (pronounced "fung shway"), is a life-changing resource that can provide you with many benefits including more money, less stress, better job opportunities, and improved health; and it can even help spice up your love life.

    Your life holds the profound promise of awakening to all of this and more by following the simple and easy methods  in Feng Shui.

    Feng Shui is about energy and empowerment. Feng Shui is simply learning how to redirect and lift the energy that already exists in your environment.

    Diane Miller is an engaging speaker, workshop leader and Feng Shui Consultant. She has studied many different facets of Feng Shui, and takes a unique and extremely intuitive approach to each consultation, when working with her celebrity, residential and corporate clients.

    “Thank you for coming to our home. May I say that it just may have been the turning point for me and my wife to recapture our Spirits.?  -  Doug, Los Angeles, CA

    “I think back on all the things I wished and hoped for when you came to see me and I have them all now; a new husband, baby, more money and a beautiful home - Can you believe it????  -  Jana, SJC, CA